About Praxarp Tech

The Brand

We emerged as one of the best web & mobile app development company in India which was conceptualized a decade ago and born in 2012 with development and elevated through adding complete business solutions.

Founded as start up in 2012, Praxarp elevated through the years to offer complete business solutions including the customer support adding diversity of experience and expertise. We studied the global transformation and tend to make swift changes to cope with development while emerging as one of the best web development and mobile app development company.

Praxarp Brand Story

Brand Story

A decade ago, two colleagues build a bond beyond a professional relation and had a vision which aligned together to embrace the digital imperative. They studied and researched the digital transformation in the internet technologies sensing the internet turning to mobile and few years later the conception of Praxarp was set. In 2012, we established, that turn obstacles into chances, from which we all grow independently and as a company, and we take our clients with us in the successful journey. As world moving towards mobile-centric, we made swift changes in our policy by adding wide range of web and mobile development services that provide noetic solutions. Parallel to our success, we care for client's business as we think and act as an extension of our customer. We added business services that provide complete solutions to the enterprises. Now we emerged as a market leader in the web and mobile app development industry in India. Our holistic approach makes us a formidable partner ensuring that the client's business goals and ideas come to life in the tangled space called the Internet.

Praxarp Brand Identity

Brand Identity

Praxarp is a portmanteau word combining the words Praxis and Sharp. It's chosen to mean transforming, realizing and reflecting the ideas clearly and sharply. Praxarp Tech is themed with black & white in colors to symbolize distinct and illuminate while sticking with core values. It is also themed to be centric and symmetric to mean the reflection of ideas in action. Our logo consists of two letters of P, the first and last letters of the name Praxarp, the second one in reverse to symbolize mirror reflection of the first, while both intersecting to form the middle letter X, which in turn brought out the meaning of Praxis as first P circle to mean the Idea and the other reverse P circle to mean the action and the intersecting part to mean the process of Praxis, with the slopes of P's edges forms the cloud shapes which symbolizes the thinking, and the sharp edges inclines towards to point the center of P's circle of the name Praxarp which also has rounded corners to show uniformity with mirror half along with the tagline 'Reflecting Ideas' at the bottom, where i in Ideas is exclamation mark to represent the inverse form of small letter i.

Our Beliefs

We focus on exploring creative technologies in the domain of internet that guarantee a clear, agile approach in building creative and innovative web and mobile applications, in total partnership with clients, towards delivering results. With our commitment to provide quality and excellent solutions, we strive to live up to our core values which are honest, flexibility and openness.

What we practice?
What we practice?
What we practice?