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Talentegrity is among the few organizations that offers in-house HR Consulting and value added services to our clients.

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Talentegrity Consulting Services is an India based Talent Management and Consulting Services company. We are solution providers primarily in the Human Resources domain. Our services include Talent acquisition solutions, Talent Assessment services, Human Resources Consulting services, Staffing solutions, Workforce planning solutions, Strategic consulting, Management consulting and Talent Development services (Training).

Talentgrity Team
Talentegrity Team

We are a dedicated team of enthusiastic professionals who are passionate in delivering solutions and services at highest quality levels. The promptness and the effectiveness of the services yield repeat business and good references through our customers.

The team focuses on quality and timeliness in the delivery. This is achieved through the collective "continuous learning" mind set exhibited by the team. One of the major reasons of the success of the team is the "enabling each other" culture existing in the organization.

The efficiency of the team improves enormously due to this synergic effect. The strength of the team comes from the core values of the company, which is imbibed in each and every individual. Cohesive team contributes more. Building the team that is highly competent is something the Company gives utmost care, which gives the best result too. Each and every employee of the Company is hand-picked and nurtured to blend with the work culture of the Company.

Company's hiring process is quite simple, but firm. Hiring the right individual focuses on 3 As – Aptitude, Attitude and Articulation which determines the 3 Cs – Competency, Compassion and Communication. If you are interested to join this team, please check the current career opportunities with us.

Kavitha Kalaiselvi P
CEO - Talentegrity Consulting Services